Integrative Medicine is the Emerging Mainstream; the amalgamation of Western and complementary medicine founded on principles of best evidence and safety. This site encourages you to explore the potential of Integrative Medicine to profoundly change your health and happiness, specifically in coordination with integrative health professionals who are an essential component in managing your needs.
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 The Cottage Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Centre.
  Situated at Pambula in the Bega Valley, NSW, the Cottage Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Centre is dedicated to providing quality medical care and lifestyle advice for all of your health needs. Dr Lily Tomas is a General Practitioner with additional training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), Natural Fertility, Mind-Body Medicine, Counselling and other aspects of Integrative Medicine. Longer initial consultations are provided to maximise your care and respect the complexities of your medical care.
Contact (02) 6495 7300 if you wish to make an appointment.

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10 Integrative Medical Tests you should understand:
1.      Ferritin
2.      Vitamin B12
3.      Fasting Insulin
4.      Fasting Homocysteine
5.      Free T3
6.      CRP- C Reactive Protein
7.      Candida serology
8.      TTGIgA/Total IgA
          (Coeliac Disease)
9.      Urinary spot iodine
10.    Fasting 25(0H)Vitamin D
Top 10 Complementary Medical Tests that you (and/or your Doctor) may not be Aware of:
1.    IgG Food Intolerance Testing
2.    Comprehensive Faecal Microbial testing
3.    Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
4.    Functional Liver Detoxification Profile
5.    Urinary N-Telopeptides (Osteopaenia/Osteoporosis)
6.    Salivary Hormones
7.    Hair Mineral Analyses/ Comprehensive Urinary Element Profiles
8.    Urinary Kryptopyrroles
9.    Plasma Zinc/Copper
10. Histamine




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